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The factory, known today as Mohamed Yasser A. Shamsi for Ready-Made Garment Industries was founded in Cairo, Egypt, in 1984 by Abdelmalek Shamsi, a pioneer in textiles and the clothing- manufacturing industry.

In the last 38 years, the company has cultivated the highest levels of know-how, and is now active in its third generation specializing in shirt-making.

Certified by the ISO, MYS garments have a distinct feel and quality to its competitors in the market, and are well-known for their pure elegance, as well as their unique and sophisticated details.

The company’s long-lasting relations with renowned textile manufacturers across the world enables the company to get their hands on the very finest fabrics and trims.

Faithful to the company’s roots, production is still carried out in the company’s home region, where expert hands handle the cutting, sewing, ironing, and packaging processes.

Today, MYS contains 4 production sections, producing a total of 1,600 garments in a day, starting from men’s shirts all the way to women’s blouses.



MYS aims to continuously achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and unprecedented product quality through healthy relations with our clients and our valuable human resource assets.

Additionally, the company plans to grow exponentially in the coming period and increase its production capacities by 30%, in order to welcome new clients aboard.

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